Tandoor Setting up guide / FAQ

• Gas - open the side ventilation door, turn the gas on using the small ring of the burner on low heat for 15 minutes. Ensure that the Baffle plate is in the correct position Charcoal- use a few fire lighters to light 2-3 kg of charcoal for 25-30 minutes.

• Put your favourite meat or vegetables on the skewers. Pierce through a piece of a hard vegetable (potato, onion, sweet potato etc)towards the end of each skewer or use skewer stoppers available for sale, to make sure that food doesn’t fall into the charcoal or the burner and get burnt.

• Food will automatically cook from all sides including inside as a result of the heat coming from the walls and skewers.

• Tandoor temperature can be controlled by closing or opening tandoor lid as well as opening and closing side vent (when using charcoal) or turning gas flame low from the burner (when using gas). Just make sure that temperature is maintained for the best taste.

• Remove the cooked food from the skewers by using a thick cloth glove or some sort of tongs without touching the hot steel of skewers. • Enjoy delicious home cooked tandoori food.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR BAKING BREAD FIRST TIME:- Before using Tandoor for baking naan/bread first time it is advised to coat the clay surrounding with blended mixture of Spinach (500 grams),yoghurt(500 grams), Jaggery/brown sugar(500grams) and Salt(500 grams) making sure it is equally mixed up and after coating heat the tandoor 30 minutes and repeat the same process 3 times in different occasions to make sure that clay in the oven is baked and hardened properly. Do not use water to cool down the clay after use it may cause cracks in the clay pot.
If using burner and Baffle plate for tandoor please light burner with Baffle plate on top for 30 minutes outside oven to make sure all the paint is burnt before using in tandoor so your oven does not get black from the paint smoke