About Us

About Us

Tandoor King is a manufacturer and supplier of superior quality home clay tandoor ovens. We specialise in domestic tandoori ovens and supply only the best quality tandoors made from high quality parts. Our clay pots are traditionally hand made by expert potters who have been making pots for decades.

The steel used in our tandoor ovens is food grade stainless steel which is much better quality than that used by most manufacturers. The steel we use will not rust or crack in normal conditions. That is our guarantee.

All the materials used in our accessories - including stainless steel skewers with wooden handles, pizza kits, BBQ grills, stainless steel heavy duty tandoor lids, weather proof covers with brass logo and cushion (Gaddi) skewer stoppers - are individually selected and manufactured by our team. Lots of research, time and effort have been put in to making sure that our clients get the best quality tandoor oven with no compromise on quality.

We also have AGA approved gas kits with Baffle plates available for purchase for customers who wish to quickly and easily use our tandoors with gas.

Our Tandoors can also be used for small live caterings or even at food stalls in fairs or events without any hassle - just connect it to a gas cylinder and it’s all ready to go. Our Tandoor can be easily carried in the boot of Suv’s.

All models come with basic items - including 8 skewers with wooden handles, 2 X Naan Bread Removal Tools/Skewers (hook and scrapper) cushion/gaddi, heavy duty stainless steel lid.

We supply tandoors all over Australia - including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and other regional areas.

NOTE : After Payment is processed, tandoor will be delivered in 3-5 business days from our warehouse in metropolitan cities in Australia.